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Advertising with us is Easy and Inexpensive.

We use a variety of methods to promote your product or services, including
air time ads and postings of your banners and logos on several website platforms.

We can use an Audio Ad that you already have or we will create the Audio Ad for you.
We can use a graphic Banner Ad that you already have or we will also create one for you.

We will publicize your Business, Product or Service at every opportunity
including but not limited to:

Radio Show Audio Ad - Played 2 times on each show

Display of graphic Banner Ad on several of our websites
and insertion in our monthly Membership Newsletter.

Your Ad in our shows will also be posted on
ITunes                 Soundcloud
YouTube                  Instagram
Facebook                     Twitter
iHeart Radio                Tumblr
Codias Social Network
MeWe Social Network

and any Affiliate websites that connect with

Your Audio Ad can be up to 2 Minutes in length, Compared to the 30 Second
standard time of other radio networks.

We offer all this for the affordable price of $100.00 per year.

We offer easy payment plans that enable you to get started for as little as $25.00 !

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Extended Ad Air-Time up to 2 minutes!
Multiple Ad plays per show!
Graphic Ad placement across several web sites!
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